Peer Comment (Thomara Shoulders)

Hello Thomara,

Great post! I didn’t really know a lot about Stax Records history until now. I think that is pretty amazing how Stax Records in 15 years had the opportunity to have that many songs in the charts of two different genres, pop and R&B. Also, is good to know that Stax Records did not only made music for African Americans, but also gave back to this community that has always been marginalized and oppressed. I think that many other label companies should do the same, especially those that in some way are related to a community or race. For example, Hispanics are also a community that has been marginalized and oppressed during this time. There are Hispanic record label making a lot of money just to show the world what kind of car they’re driving or how much blink-blink they can afford. They should follow Stax Records’ example.

Gerardo Bartolomei

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