Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin, is a British musician and composer of electronic music. The Guardian, a British newspaper, named him as “the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music”. Aphex Twin started producing music at the age of 12, and also as a disc jockey. He earned a National Diploma, from Cornwall College, in Sound Engineering. He also took an electronic course at Kingston Polytechnic.

In 1991, Twin released an EP, “Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 1”, under Mighty Force Records. This EP made it into the playist of Kiss FM, a very influential London radio station, which helped this EP to become a success.

Also, in 1991, Twin got together with Wilson-Claridge to create a new label, Rephex Records, which helped to promote Acid – a genre of house music. Between 1991 and 1993, Twin got the opportunity to release “Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 2”, using the alias AFX, and EP under the alias of Bradley Strider, “Bradley’s Beat”. In 1992, Twin was able to record his first full-length album, “Selected Ambient Works 85-92”. This album received high ratings and great critics. He also was able to release “Xylem Tube EP” and “Digeridoo” during this same year. In 1993, he released third volume of “Analogue Bubblebath”. In 1994, Twin released “Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2.”, which based on critics the sound has less beat and melody than the previous volume.

Aphex Twin is known for his great ability making music with computers, especially through the use of software synthesizers, and the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques. He also is well known by his abilities on the use of drum machines and analog synthesizer on his productions and live appearance.

Twin has a large variety of ideas when it comes to his composition style, which in my opinion, many of his songs has a lot of influence from the Kraftwerk. However, I didn’t found any source where he have gave credit to them.

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