Peer Comment

Hello Jonathan,

What a great post! You really digged into Marvin Gaye’s history and the story behind the song “What’s Going On”.  I would say that Marvin Gaye’s history it’s kind of inspiring. Honestly speaking, looking into Marvin Gaye’s background, not many people can bounce from depression and even from an attempt of suicide. Marvin Gaye also taught us what is a vision, and how we need to hold on to them until that vision or dream has become a reality; not matter what the circumstances are telling us or showing us at the time. He could just give up the release of “What’s Going On” after what Berry Gordy told him. They’re always going to people around us that may not to see what we see or feel what we feel. The point is how we deal with those kinds of people around us while keeping our eyes on the goal we want to reach.

Great job!

Gerardo Bartolomei

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