The Velvet Underground & Nico – Originality as its best!

The American rock band The Velvet Underground & Nico style could be describe as unique, experimental, and at the forefront of originality. The lyrics from Lou Reed and music ideas and composition from John Cale were considered at that time, and until today, as a perfect combination, revolutionary and thoughtful.

Lou Reed and John Cale they both had years of music education and experience as professional musicians before they came together. Singer and guitarist Reed was part of numerous bands and later become a songwriter at Pickwick Records. John Cale, born in Garnant, Carmarthenshire, Wales, came to America after receiving a scholarship to continue his studies in music.  The ideas and desires of these two, of bringing something different musically speaking, provided The Velvet Underground unique songs and a well-deserved position into the music history.

Andy Warhol, a well-known Pop artist, was the manager and producer for The Velvet Underground & Nico. Warhol’s popularity at the time was one the things that helped the publicity of the band, plus the uncommon sound from the band.  Warhol was responsible of bringing Nico, a German actress and singer into the band. Though the band were not agree with this decision, many critics and fans praised the addition of Nico to the band at the time and until today.

The Velvet Underground & Nico definitely had what they needed to succeed at the time. The sensibility at the stage while performing and singing lyrics that were focused on some controversial subjects, like drugs, abuse, sex, etc., are some of the main reason that this band gain popularity and why other musician and bands wanted to take the same route.

Based in my very personal opinion as a listener and professional, listening to The Velvet Underground was a whole experience.  After listening their album and watch some other interviews, I’ve concluded that this band was definitely a combination of passion, experience, and knowledge translated into music. Although there music ideas were sometime a bit too much, for me, I have to understand that music is an art expression and some might like it and some others not.

Thanks for reading…

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