Revolver, the beginning…

The Beatles, who haven’t heard at least one song from this successful band? John Lennon, Paul McCartney George Harrison, and Ringo Starr; these four talented musicians came together in Liverpool in 1960 to write some chapters into the history of music and to raise the bar of creativity and originality, which still today is bit difficult to reach. Their unique style and use of several genres, from pop ballads to psychedelic rock, were just some of the way that this band captured the attention of millions throughout the world with their songs.

In August 5, 1966, The Beatles, released it a masterpiece, their seventh studio album named “Revolver” produced by George Martin. “Eleanor Rigby”, “Love You To”, “Yellow Submarine”, and “She Said She Said” are just some of the songs that were part of this magnificent album, which still today are being aired through many radio stations around the world and people are still buying them.

During the process of recording this album many things happened behind the scene, and many were not known until several years after that this album was recorded. As an example, according to John Lennon some of the lyrics of the song “She Said She Said” were taken from a conversation he had with actor Peter Fonda, while he, Harrison, Starr where under the influence of LSD.

In the studio, The Beatles were very creative in the use of different instruments and the way they were arranged. ‘Eleanor Rigby” is a perfect example of this.  Arrange by George Martin and directed by McCartney, they came out with a beautiful music piece combining the lyrics with a string octet with out any other instrument in the arrangement. Even the rhythm of this song was created by the strings arrangement. Also, in the studio EMI engineer Ken Townsend invented a technique called automatic double tracking or better knows as ADT. This technique linked two taped recorders to create a double vocal track automatically. This technique was used Lennon’s vocals in the song “Tomorrow Never Knows”. In this same song, Lennon and McCartney,they both prepared a tape loops as backing tracks, since they were interested in and wanted to experiment with musique concréte (a form of electroacoustic music that is made in part from acoumatic sound.) The use of this technique allowed them to created different sounds with music instruments and voices.

As a listener, this production really amazes me every time I have the chance to listen to it. Honestly speaking, although today we have all kind of technology to manipulate and create so many things in a recording studio, I still believe that there are many things that we can hear in this album that the only way to recreate them is by following the same technique that The Beatles have created and used in this album.

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