Pet Sounds…

When we listen the name of the Beach Boys the first things that come into my mind is the beautiful scene of the a beach in California, surfers riding their surfboard, and a bunch of pretty ladies getting a suntan laying down in the sand. I will say that the Beach Boys main focus was to give to their fans a kind of refreshment through their songs.

In 1961, the brothers Bryan, Dennis, and Carl Wilson with their cousin Mike Love came together to create the Beach Boys. Bryan Wilson was behind for the most part of the group’s musical direction. He was very ambitious and a very talented songwriter. One of his first compositions was “Good Vibration”, a single that was release in the album “Pet Sounds” in 1966.  This track shows a complicated and multi-layered sound showing a more mature and complex composition than the earliest years of the Beach Boys.

Bryan Wilson’s influences came from Four Freshman, but also from the work of Phil Spector. Brian came a bit obsessed for years with Spector’s techniques. Also, the Beatles became his rival, but later they cite his work as their influence.

Bryan in “Pet Sounds” used multiple electric instruments and voices combining them with echo and reverb. Also, he often doubled bass, guitar, and keyboard parts, in combination with reverb and also adding some unusual instruments like the theremin, which an electronic musical instrument controlled without visible physical contact from the player.

Having the opportunity to listen this production, both mono and stereo, I have to say that differences between these two productions are very clear. The sound quality of the mono album is really low. It feels like you were listening the music through a tube, which makes the pitch of the singers sounds a bit off and the sounds of the instruments sometimes seems to be distorted or poor recorded. Instead the sound quality of the stereo album is much better. I was able to listened pretty much every single instrument that was playing in each track, and obviously, having mixed the audio of this album really helped to feel and enjoy way more this whole production.


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  1. stormpfmg says:

    Hello Gerardo ,

    I loved your blog on The Beatles Revolver; it was very informative and interesting. You gave detailed and clear responses for all of the questions asked for you to answer, you also a lot of great points. I thought you blog was very good, not to long not to short but it got straight to the point. The only feedback I would give is to put your references on a separate page for us to find if we want to look for references instead of seeing them within your actual blogs themselves. I hope this helps you out good luck with the rest of the month, Be Blessed Paula.

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